Lock Down Rehearsals

Zoom rehearsal

MONDAY 16th March brought the announcement from Karen, our chair, that our rehearsals and concert were cancelled for the time being, while the world grappled with Covid-19.

Julie soon organised and sent us details of Zoom rehearsals that she set up and drove forward for us.

While not being everyone’s cup of tea (understandably) and some not being able to join us, a good 18 or so ladies attended every week to learn a new piece and sing along with Julie (or not!). It was lovely to see so many members making music over the internet and we were able to have a little chat before and afterwards.

I’m sure our families were delighted (!) with our solos, which are quite difficult to pick up and sing without the support of our other part voices. I think ‘The Impossible Dream’ stood out for me as the impossible notes! We also tackled ‘You’ve Got A Friend’, ‘Magic Moments’, ‘Make You Feel My Love’, ‘What A Wonderful World’ and ‘The Lily And The Rose’ just to mention a handful. We attempted a fair number – a new one every week, which kept our interest as it is not the most fun way to participate in group singing. Not being able to hear anyone else except yourself and Julie (nothing wrong with Julie’s singing) and seeing everyone’s mouths move some time after yours is quite disconcerting.

Julie set us a challenge to record a virtual choir piece which many attempted and, while it was a lot of work for Julie and tough for us to record, its lovely to have something to show as a choir singing together at the end of what has been one of the most difficult terms. Here’s the wonderful result ‘Make you feel my love

Some of our number have not been able to join us, for various reasons and we have missed every one of them and are so looking forward to being together again and singing in a group.  Oh, to be able to hear someone else singing my part with me!

Sadly, Marilyn, who has been a member for the longest of our current members, has decided that now is the right time to fold up her virtual music stand and won’t be joining us anymore. We will all miss you Marilyn and wish you all the very best.

The term ended with a vote for the songs we’d like to sing again, a quiz and a chat together. Here are the songs we enjoyed singing through – in Julie’s words: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen, not Handel, just to clarify), The Lily and the Rose, and What a Wonderful World. Great choices!

What a Wonderful World – things we could celebrate at this weird and wonderful period in our lives. We’ve made the most of what we could and are determined to carry on- ‘we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…’

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