Social evening

Mulling over the quiz questions

TUESDAY 18th February was our spring term social evening.

I’ll only add a short post for this event to have the record of it for our members.

This year we decided against fish and chips and, instead, everyone brought contributons – providing chili, baked potato, salad, quiche etc buffet. We also enjoyed some bite size rocky road to finish off with – yum. As usual, on the food front, the girls did themselves proud – and I’m happy to say there was far too much delicious food for us to eat!

Being a foodie – I’m so glad we’re as good at cooking and organising a spread as we are at singing. 🙂

Joy provided a marvellous quiz with picture, lyrics, addresses and potluck rounds. There was much hilarity when one of our team shouted out the first answer rather than writing it down,  all adding to the light-hearted ambience of the evening. Still, we were all in the same boat and we soon got the hang of it! It was a good mix of questions – so everyone managed to get a fair few right while still having challenges with some.

Many hands make light work, and with everyone washing, drying, putting away, clearing furniture and vacuuming soon there was no evidence of the wonderful fun evening with our lovely friends in the choir.

Thanks to everyone for their help and contributions, and especially to Brenda for organising us and Joy for the quiz.

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