Back to face to face rehearsals

TUESDAY 8th September 2020, we return to physical rehearsals. 

We are in a new venue (Old Woking Community centre) to cope with all the Covid requirements.

Seating, printing of music, face visors, covid questionnaires, risk assessments and cleaning rotas etc have been carried or set up; so we are as sure as we can be to limit the risk to a minimal degree.

As usual the can-do attitude of all choir members, Musical Director and Accompanist have made this all possible with the minimum of fuss.

If you are thinking of joining a choir, we may be one of a very few rehearsing at the moment. Places are limited, so be sure to contact us if you are thinking of joining, as we would need to check numbers.

We’re looking forward to a tuneful autumn term, together at last.

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