The Screens Were Alive With The Sound Of Music!

Sound of Music Workshop with Camilla – Tuesday 2 February.

We were lucky to have Camilla Jeppeson, our wonderful resident accompanist and amazing professional soprano, to lead the choir and a number of very welcome guests through 5 of the inspired songs from the Sound of music.

It was a popular choice with nearly double our usual participants enjoying the evening. We were welcome to join in with costumes and/or to add a suitable background to our Zoom screens. There were a good many hills on view and several singing nuns. I dressed as the Baroness Elsa Von Schraeder, complete with wig. As the screens are so small on Zoom and I’d retyped my screen name, changing it to the Baroness, this resulted in a friend and an auntie not being able to find me in the number!  You have the picture here to see our efforts.

Camilla gave us a few tips and sang several of the more difficult passages through as we came to each song. Camilla has a beautiful voice, and, as we can only hear the host (Camilla) and ourselves, it was a joy to listen to her while making our best efforts.

There was a significant amount of singing as we made our way through, Doh, re, mi; The sound of music; My favourite things; Edelweiss; and Climb ev’ry mountain. The cast of the film were employed to lead us for some of the songs, (with Camilla channeling appropriate YouTube excerpts using screen share) so we could enjoy a little nostalgia with the songs and join in with the great Julie Andrews herself.

A brief interlude (much like when many of us originally saw the film at the ‘pictures’ – there was an intermission!) we had a quick quiz with some interesting facts about the film.

It was great evening very creatively organised by Camilla and we thank you, Camilla, for brightening up another Tuesday evening in a most creative way. Singing is definitely on the list of our favourite things!

Email to be included in our next workshop.

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