Christmas Concert 2021

It really was a joy to perform our Christmas concert after a gap of eighteen months and singing live to an audience was certainly a special feeling. Although reduced in number because of prior commitments, Covid and illness, our smaller cohort performed exceptionally well, and the voices rung out as an early greeting to the Christmas season. This was our first concert in the Old Woking Community centre, perhaps a larger venue than we are used to. However, the choir amply filled the space and we all felt at home there.

The concert started with Gaudete, a sixteenth century composition which felt as alive today as it was when it was written. In addition to Christmas carols, which were heartily sung with the audience, our sopranos adding a thrilling descant, we sang a selection of pieces from popular musicals. These we had sung in the dark days of the covid lock-down when we could only hear ourselves on Zoom. It was therefore a real delight to be together in full voice and hear these songs come alive – as it says in The Sound of Music; “the hills were alive with the sound of music!”. Camilla’s accompaniment to ‘Mamma Mia’ was a virtuoso performance to behold. 

Thanks go to Julie and Camilla, who not only worked tirelessly over the year to keep us going but performed with skill and energy at the concert.  The choir owes them an enormous debt for their continuing enthusiasm and support.

We also had our usual raffle, which was organised and managed by Sue Campbell and her family and thanks go to them and all those who contributed the prizes.  The raffles provide a great contribution to the choir’s funds.

Thanks also go to Connie, who has now left the choir and Jeremy, Karen’s husband, for braving the hall kitchen and producing tea and mince pies for everyone. Although Rosalind could not be with us, she was there in spirit and her tea urn was especially useful.

Next term begins on Tuesday 4th January, where we begin with the AGM and then settle down to a cup of tea and finishing off the mince pies. We look forward to meeting up then and preparing for our next concert, which will have a water theme.

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  1. Great article to read as I did miss singing with everyone this year. Thanks Ellen for posting and well done everyone – sounds wonderful as do the recordings also.

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